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RIP Max Von Sydow

You may have seen that Max Von Sydow passed away recently. Maybe you recognize his face or name, but can’t quite place what you’ve seen him in? Don’t be surprised, since the man has been acting for 60 years. What better way for Max Von Sydow to RIP than for us to remember and appreciate some of his iconic roles?

The cinema landscape was an entirely different world when Max Von Sydow began acting. Initially he got his start in his native Sweden and rejected the idea of being an international actor. He would later rescind that decision and would eventually become an icon of American movies.

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RIP, Max Von Sydow. We’ll be appreciating your work for generations to come.

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GBL Presents: ProtoDad’s Dojo Biweekly for Smash!


Our resident Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guru ProtoDad is opening a new biweekly tournament challenge! The grand opening event will award $10 in eShop credit to the winner. It all goes down on Friday the 13th, at 9 PM EST on the ProtoDadsDojo Twitch stream!

Sign up now on! Stay up to date on the Dojo Biweekly by following ProtoDad on Twitter.

To get in the community surrounding GBL’s competitive events, join us on the Official GBL Discord and ProtoDad’s Dojo Discord.

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18 Minions we want in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone has been out for years, with a rich catalogue of cards. In this article, we’ve got a variety of minions we want in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

In Heathstone Battlegrounds, the mech and demon tribes see play in every match, thanks to excellent cards like Cobalt Guardian and Floating Watcher. However, we’re a little tired of rushing the same cards every time they’re offered in the tavern. While it’s likely that Blizzard will implement new cards for this new game mode or switch some out, we’d still like some variety. This article is just for fun, and isn’t indicative of Blizzard’s plans for the game mode. It’s just minions we want to see in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Here are nine mechs, seven dragons, a demon, and a murloc that we’d like to see in Hearthstone Battlegrounds:

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February 19 Nintendo News Aggregate

It’s been a busy week, but we’ve got the Nintendo news aggregate regarding the next Nintendo Direct, Cooking Mama, Animal Crossing, Persona 5, and more!

The Aggregate is a weekly news article covering recent and upcoming game news. We collect the most interesting gaming news and wrap it up with a bow. While each issue is different, our theme this week is the Nintendo News Aggregate.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so head on over to Aggregator Reviews to read the full news bulletin!

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KDA Cosplay: Voidvirago & Ghostiemermaid


GBL EXCLUSIVE: Voidvirago and Ghostiemermaid return to Ichibancon 2020 in style as KDA Ahri and Evelynn. This shoot was done by KuroKaze Photography. Be sure to follow Living Void Cosplay on Instagram, and Twitter.

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Doomsday Clock countdown – Play these 5 RPGs

The Doomsday Clock is getting closer to indicating a possible end of the world. You should play these RPGs before the Doomsday Clock hits midnight!

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are planning to move the countdown on the Doomsday Clock from 2 minutes to midnight to 100 seconds to midnight today.

The Doomsday Clock is a Cold War era fear mongering tactic that allegedly counts down to man-made catastrophe. This clock doesn’t necessarily indicate that we are any closer to a global apocalypse, but it’s a great way to push a partisan agenda.

With that said, here are five RPGs that you should check out just in case the Doomsday Clock is onto something and humanity is doomed:

[embedyt] [/embedyt]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory

These  monster-collecting JRPGs deal with a world twenty minutes into the future where VR headsets are finally affordable. In both games, you raise Digimon to take on enemy hackers, malicious computer programs, and misguided Digimon.

I’ve got a great article about what to expect from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. 

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Originally released for the WiiU, this game can be described as a softer version of a Shin Megami Tensei game. If  you liked Persona 5, then this game will be right up your alley, as the story hits some of the same notes. The idol premise keeps it from ever being too somber, which might be refreshing if we are on the countdown to annihilation.

One of the side missions in the game has you fetching ingredients for a hangover remedy for your boss. Rest assured, this game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Read my impressions on the first hour I spent in Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Deus Ex 

This game is almost old enough to buy alcohol in the United States, and admittedly it looks pretty rough. However, the plot is amazing and JC Denton is the most unintentionally hilarious character in a dystopian videogame.

This game is available for a pittance on most sites.  I recommend checking out the mod scene for Deus Ex, as some of them add a lot to the overall experience. Protip: Don’t level up swimming.


This quirky SNES RPG sports an interesting plot, excellent music, and memorable characters. You won’t get the scratch-and-sniff swag that came with the original game, but you’ll get an incredible experience. Make sure to massacre some New Age Retro Hippies for me.

This is the part of the article where we would recommend Fire Emblem, but we aren’t Nintendo. Sorry. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you’ve been on the fence about heading into the Galar region, wait no longer! The upcoming DLC will add even more content and restore some of the Pokemon that didn’t make the cut into the vanilla game. I’m hoping that Nidoking gets a new Galarian form.

Read my coverage of January’s Pokemon Direct

Here are my suggestions on picking the best starter in Sword and Shield

5 tips to get you started in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Is time running out?

Hopefully the world isn’t in dire straits and this hubbub about the Doomsday Clock is just talk. In the event that it isn’t, or if Coronovirus is the next epidemic, I’d recommend holing up in your apartment and getting comfy with these RPGs before the Doomsday Clock counts down.

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Patch 16.2 Overview

Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch 16.2 adds a new solo adventure and balance changes. Here’s my overview:

The developers have been proactive with the hero roster available in Battlegrounds, the auto-chess mode in the digital card game Hearthstone.

Read on to view the new changes as well as my opinion on the best currently available heroes.

A full list of the patch notes can be found on the official Hearthstone site.

Hero Changes:

Sir Finley Mrrgleton has been retired for now, but will return with a new hero power!

Professor Putricide is back, and has been buffed. His new hero power is “Give your left-most minion +20 attack for the next battle“. It costs 1 mana. The prof wasn’t a great pick in the past, but he has a lot of potential now if you can get an early Cave Hydra or Foe Reaver.

Millhouse Manastorm has entered the tavern! Millhouse starts with two mana, and it costs him two mana to refresh the tavern. However, it also only costs Millhouse two mana to purchase a minion.

This hero sounds like he might be a strong pick in the right hands, but he’s unproven as of yet. I’m staying optimistic for now – because I’m waiting for him to get to 10 mana. If Millhouse gets a token early, then the climb might be easy.

Tirion Fordring has been discovered by Zephyrus so many times that he’s now a playable hero in Battlegrounds. His hero power costs 1, and it buffs all unaffiliated (tribeless, not mechs, murlocs, demons, beasts, etc) by 1/1.

This is a real game-changer. This gives minions like Zapp Slywick or Boogeymonster the chance to really shine now that they can be buffed.

These Tier 1 minions will be a great starting point for Tirion players

There are several minions that I expect will benefit highly from this change: Righteous Protector, Selfless Hero, Wrath Weaver, Spawn of N’Zoth, Crowd Favorite, Festeroot Hulk, Boogeymonster, Bolvar Fireblood, and Zapp Slywick. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a board full of tribeless minions, Tirion can still boost their efficacy.

Trade Prince Gallywix is back. His hero power remains unchanged: Spend one mana to add a gold coin to your hand. You can set up big plays with Gallywix, but his hero power can be underwhelming if you’re getting brutalized early on.

Minion Changes:

Voidwalker (tier 1 1/3 taunt demon) has been removed. In its place, we got Fiendish Servant, a 2/1 demon with Deathrattle: Give this minion’s attack to a random friendly minion. I’m seeing some potential synergy with Professor Putricide here.

A tier 2 demon has been added: Imprisoner (tier 2, 3/3, taunt, Deathrattle: summon a 1/1 imp). In case you haven’t noticed, this is a stealth buff for soul juggler.

It also means that demon boards won’t be as hard-pressed to rush to tier 3 for Floating Watchers and Imp Gang Bosses. Expect Jaraxxas to see a boost in his play and winrates.

Bug Fixes

Incidentally, Golden Zapp Slywick now has Mega-Windfury (attacks 4 times).

Regular and gold Brann no longer stack.

Regular and gold Baron Rivendare no longer stack.

Hero Overview

I would suggest prioritizing these heroes.

Full disclaimer:  It is entirely possible to lose with any of the Heroes in Battlegrounds. The game has become more aggressive in the midgame, especially with the ubiquity of beast and demon token decks. Several early losses can get you kicked out of the tavern before you get all your cards on the table.

Arch-Villain Rafaam

Rafaam is like playing on easy mode. From as early as turn two, you can start getting minions at a sizable discount.

The other players will have to adjust their boards to avoid giving you free triples (or amalgams that you can easily buff if you battle the Curator).

Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End

Yogg can get you through the early game pretty handily, and can possibly have the best turn one in the tavern.

If his hero power lands on the right minions, you can snowball through the early and midgame. Lucky buffs can give you the necessary stats to safely upgrade your tavern to get access to the more competitive minions.

Infinite Toki

The recent Toki buff has made her the easiest Hero to faceroll with. The hero power guarantees at least one minion choice from a higher tavern each turn.

This can ensure that you’re the first player to get access to some of the hotly contested minions like a Cobalt Guardian. It also gives consistent access to some of the rare tier 6 minions.

A. F. Kay

You might think that sitting idle for two turns is a huge disadvantage, but being able to instantly come in hot with the tier 3 minions can be a huge gamechanger. The way the meta is playing out right now, if you roll two Floating Watchers on Tier 3, you can steamroll the game from there. A. F. Kay also has the benefit of being able to take all the other players by surprise.

Edwin VanCleef

This dashing rogue can buff minions that are usually difficult to protect, like Baron, Hyena, or Junkbot. The hero power can also be used to instantly transform cleave minions like Foe-Reaper or Cave Hydra into huge board clearing monsters.


Nefarian might seem underwhelming, but the low cost means that you can instantly negate your opponent’s divine shields. Some players won’t prioritize buffing their mechs or murlocs with divine shields if they know that it only costs you a single mana to cripple their strategy. Nefarian can also wreak havoc on tier 1 tokens that you’re relying on in the early game.

Dancin Deryl

Deryl has his own playstyle that is most effective when you stay at Tavern levels 1 and 3. By repeatedly buying and selling minions, you can buff other minions to huge levels.

The downside of staying at a low tavern level is that you aren’t going to have the huge damage swings. However, the benefit that Deryl brings to the table cannot be underestimated once you’ve mastered his unique style.

The Curator

The Curator starts with a 1/1 amalgam, which has all minion types. This minion is extremely versatile and easy to buff.

The Amalgam gives the Curator an edge in early bouts, as it’s a free extra body on the board. With Nightmare Amalgam having made an exit from the Battlegrounds, the Curator retains the only way to take advantage of certain cards that buff various minion types. The Amalgam is also the only minion to benefit from the Menagerie Magician, as it is currently the only “Dragon” minion.

Picking up the tab

There are plenty of heroes and minions that I didn’t cover in Battlegrounds, and Blizzard is likely to release another patch in February. It will be interesting to see how the meta develops with some of these new additions. Personally, I’m willing to bet that demons will stay near the top, but I’m not sure that they can dethrone murlocs anytime soon.

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Legends of Runeterra Beta opens early!

The Legends of Runeterra beta opens a day early tomorrow on January 23rd. There’s just one caveat: you need to have preregistered for the game.

[embedyt] [/embedyt]

If you did preregister, then you can go ahead and download the client and get ready to play tomorrow. The game will become available at 11:00 AM PST and will roll out over the next few hours.

If you didn’t preregister, it’s not too late! Just head over to the official Legends of Runeterra site!

Legends of Runeterra is an online collectible cardgame based on the League of Legends IP.  Riot has been wanting to put the ‘S’ in “Riot Games” for quite some time, and it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The internet card game space already has some big competitors, so I want to see how Riot plans on competing with Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering Arena.

I would have figured Karma’s health would be higher

It looks like gameplay is largely driven by using a Hearthstone-style mana bar for resources. Riot has been making a concerted effort to divide all their champions into regions, which seem to serve as the tribes for this game – Demacia, Freljord, Noxus, Piltover & Zaun, and Ionia. There appear to be some synergies between different regions and champions.

Every round, you are on either attack or defense, which alternates each turn. As you play cards, your opponent can play cards to react. In addition to champions and minions, there are also spells.

We will be streaming Legends of Runeterra here on Gotta Be Legend, so be sure to tune in!

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What About “Anime Fighters”?

Fighting Game tournaments are becoming more and more frequent, because of the growth of the community and broadcasting technologies becoming more accessible and affordable than even before. Since most of the organizers behind the events have to decide the games available to compete, it’s no surprise that some events aims at a specific public, or is respecting a specific theme.

The most popular theme employed for specific fighting games events are the Anime FGC Tournaments. The most known ones are CEOtaku in Orlando, or NGI’s Revolution in London. But over the last few years, they started to multiply. We know have Anime Ascension, Bavaria Burst, Climax of Night, LGBT Plus, and a lot more of them. AnimEVO can be listed there, but it’s more of an event in an event, rather than a fully-fledged gathering like the others.

But what exactly qualifies a fighting game for being “Anime”? What exactly defines a so-called “Anime Fighter”?

To each their own.

Japanese culture was always something deep within the FGC’s root. The entire community was mostly made by Japanese companies, and there’s always a stigma surrounding Western-based fighting game series like Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct, which had decades without being really noticed by the overall community.

During the 1990’s, it was easy to discern the types of art performed by the various Arcade publishers releasing fighting games. Capcom had a noticeable Western style, seen in most of the main Street Fighter eras, as well as in Darkstalkers, which has a resolute Disney-like style of animation. And of course, it’s hard to forget the partnership with Marvel, huge brand in the realm of American Superheroes, which gave the Marvel VS Capcom series.

Meanwhile, SNK and their main fighting game series, The King of Fighters, were always inspired by a more realistic approach on the look of their characters. Some of them, like Kyo or Iori, are pretty close to what a protagonist in a High School anime would look like.

At the very end of the 1990’s, it was the start of Arc System’s own, Guilty Gear. It had an over-the-top, in-your-face style, with charismatic characters and a Metal-inspired soundtrack. More than a decade later, especially after the release of Guilty Gear Xrd, the series stayed on the top of the Anime side of fighting games, being the main event of the Anime Tournaments I’ve mentioned.

Heaven or Hell!

As a fighting game series, Guilty Gear has been very influential. The series’ aerial mobility and huge offensive aspect inspired very known series within the FGC, like Arc System’s Blazblue, Examu’s Arcana Heart, or French Bread’s Melty Blood. The FGC noticed the inspirations, and regrouped those games within a subgenre of fighting games, called Airdashers. Because they were the first to put aerial dashes, not as character-specific tools, like in Darkstalkers or the Marvel VS Capcom series, but as universal mechanics across all cast. There’s more caviats in what really makes an Airdasher, like the Bursts, or the Cancel mechanics to extend the combos.

In the mid-2000’s, there was a boom of fighting game “doujins”, which are Japanese independent video games. A lot of them have an aesthetic and art style that is undoubtedly Anime. Again, Melty Blood comes to mind, but also the Touhou series, infamous within the doujin world, also had its own fighting game episodes. The most popular one must be Hisotensoku, that still has its fans today.

What is interesting is that not all of those fighting game doujins are Airdashers, or directly inspired by Guilty Gear. Vanguard Princess or Akatsuki Blitzkampf takes way more inspiration from Street Fighter or The King of Fighters, than the iconic series by Arc System. The same goes for games that are more fully fledged, like Battle Fantasia, made by Arc System, or Koihime Enbu.

Form and Substance.

This challenges the whole “Anime Fighters” term and its usage. Because all of those games have very distinctive, Manga-inspired art styles, but they do not share the same style of gameplay. It doesn’t stop a lot of people describing “Anime Fighters” as a subgenre of fighting games. Which is very confusing, especially for new players.

You often hear Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, or even LabZero’s Skullgirls, being described as “Anime Fighters”. But both of them draw most inspiration from the Marvel VS Capcom series. And while DBFZ is as Anime as we can get for an art-style perspective, Skullgirls is as Cartoon as we can get. Lab Zero’s animation director is even the daughter of a very known Disney animator.

There’s nothing wrong in describing an art-style, or preferring one over the other. But “Anime Fighters” as a gameplay description is as useful as watching the color of a building to describe what kind of location it is. “Well, the whole thing is white, so it must be a hospital, right?” And that is without adding Arena Fighters into the mix, which would be even more confusing.

An art style should be completely independent from the type of gameplay a fighting game is inspired by. “Anime” events like mentioned above, also feature games like DJ Max Respect, Catherine or Puyo Puyo. Both have strong Anime hardstyle, but they aren’t even fighting games in the first place.

Again, it comes to showing and appreciating the diversity within the pool of games played by the FGC. There’s no reason to hide it and making it more confusing, especially for the people outside our community. Clearer usage of terms, especially on subgenres, can truly help us in the future.

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An hour with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

I’ve only had about an hour with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, which released on Friday for the Nintendo Switch.

I was initially excited for the game when it was first announced as SMT x FE, since I’m a huge Shin Megami Tensei fan. The game went through a few chances, and I had lost interest in the game when it did finally come out for the Wii U.

[embedyt] [/embedyt]

Even though I’ve never been into idol culture,  I decided to give it a fair shake, as the Switch is a fantastic console for RPGs.

The Premise:

In the first few minutes, the game tosses some exposition at you. Apparently a few years ago, an entire opera house full of people suddenly disappeared, except for a little girl, Tsubasa Oribe.

It wouldn’t be a Megaten game without this kind of symbolism

Tsubasa is now trying out to be an idol like her missing big sister. For some reason, you can choose whether or not she wears glasses. This is apparently a crucial decision you have to make before even starting the game. I picked glasses because my girlfriend has glasses, but they didn’t look that great on Tsubasa. At this time, I’m not sure whether you can change your mind.

As I was in the first room of the game, miffed that Touma, my bro date, had stood me up, this talent scout who resembles Timothy Spall starts asking Tsubasa about her missing sister. Much like Timothy Spall revealing that he serves Voldemort, he then reveals that he is some kind of spectral miscreant. He then sics his other ghosts on the people in the venue because he wants to consume their “Performa” (some kind of psychic energy).

The stage is set:

Tsubasa goes missing, and in true RPG fashion, Itsuki Aoi, the main character, has to go looking for her. One of the ghosts with a very familiar voice actor tries to suck his Performa and Itsuki somehow purifies the spectre, who holds off the other enemy ghosts. Itsuki rescues Tsubasa from a female ghost who is also purified. A Sailor Moon transformation sequence occurs, and the two teens take on the enemy ghosts, who take forms reminiscent of shadows from the Persona series.

Silver Chariot gone full K-Pop stan


The teens learn that their talking weapons are actually Chrom and Caeda from Fire Emblem. The kiddos hit it off pretty quickly with their mirages (that’s what Persona/JoJo Stands) are called in this game).

Angewomon? No, we’ve never heard of her

Thoughts so far:

The ambience and music remind me of a Shin Megami Tensei title, and I’m okay with the game leaning into the idol premise.

I am hoping that I can customize the characters. I’m used to the demon recruiting system in Megaten games, and I’m not sure that I want to be stuck with Chrom and Caeda. Itsuki is weak to fire, which is a very common attacking element in the series. That seems like a big liability later on if as many enemies are packing Agi in this game as in mainline Megaten games.

Thankfully, there aren’t random encounters in the dungeons. The game seems to use both Fire Emblem and Megaten spells and elements, as I’ve seen Dia and Zio. There are at least 10 damage types. These include the weapons from Fire Emblem, as well as the regular spell categories from Megaten.

So far, I’m enjoying the game and it’s nice going in blind. I’m looking forward to singing (slashing?) my way through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore.

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